Author: Gregg White


Crossroads If you are stuck with the mindset of being a loser, there will never be enough reassurance that someone else can provide that will get you to overcome your fears. You have to train your mind to recognise that the reason you feel that inner fear, and that need for reassurance, is because what you are thinking about, the vision that you are seeing…that thing that you are on the verge of attempting…is rare and valuable.   The mere fact that those specific fears and doubts present themselves at that moment suggests that you may be onto something special...

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It’s a Really Big World…and a Really Small One! Lucky you!

It’s a Really Big World …and a Really Small One! …Lucky You! The world has changed, and it has changed in incredibly profound ways. At this time in history, we are seeing the first generation that has a world that is so wired and connected that anyone, anywhere on planet earth, or even orbiting planet earth, can communicate with anyone else in an instant. Think about that. ANYONE! ANYWHERE! No matter HOW FAR!…Instantly! For countless thousands of years, the only thing that humans had to concern ourselves with were threats and opportunities at our immediate doorstep. Pre-history humans, up...

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Another Shade of Perfect

Another Shade of Perfect A life that is experienced as being rich in peace and happiness is really just experienced that way because of the perspective you have. You can either CHOOSE to be happy at a particular moment…or choose not to be. The power of choice is entirely yours, therefore the power to determine how you look at things is also yours. In your mind, you may think that if you were to substitute something, someone, or someplace, for your current circumstance, that your life could be better or happier. But if you really give it some thought, it is...

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In All Things Be a Child

In All Things Be a Child Have you ever noticed the uncanny ability of children to find adventure and fun in everything? The way a child can enter a room, walk a path, glance into the distance, and always seem to find the thing that will bring them the most joy and fun. Their heart is naturally drawn to the elements of their environment that will bring a smile! Even if you, as an adult, don’t see the fun elements they see, their spirit still somehow finds the things that makes the moment special and enjoyable to them. I...

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