What is a Funionaire?

It’s actually kind of simple! A funionaire is a person who has DECIDED to live in a way that makes them rich in experiences! It is someone who is balanced in family, finances, health, spirituality. Someone who is focused on learning and experiencing more…all in a spirit of positivity.

 Enjoyment first, money and material stuff second…or third.  Whatever, lol, just make sure the fun stuff comes first!

Of course, basic needs and other things need to be taken care of, and we will spend A LOT of time discussing balance.  But, the priority is always to enjoy the way you are taking care of your basic needs?

The basic philosophy is that nothing really matters if you are not actually enjoying yourself and your life.

  • Money feels empty without joy
  • Family relationships feel strained if you are not having a good time together
  • Stuff is just stuff if you do not have joy in your heart and an appreciation for small things

We find that focusing on enjoying life brings value to everything else.  

“Being a millionaire does not matter one bit if you are not first a funionaire!”

You may want to read that again, “Being a millionaire does not matter one bit if you are not first a funionaire”….because it’s not about the money!  It is about enjoying everything ELSE that life has to offer…the small things…the balance.

  • Only then will things like money feel good in your life  
  • Only then will friendships and relationships bloom  
  • Only then will the joys of travel, and nature, and colors, and children fill you with wonder.

When you enrich your soul to see things with the spirit of fun, it cleans the window of your life. Then, like magic, you get to see everything around you in their true glory.

We help you to discover that with a small change of your perspective, you get to change your life!