Gregg and Debra White



Gregg and Debra have been together for over 25 years. When they dated in the early 1990’s, they both worked normal 9 to 5 jobs; Debra as an executive administrative assistant and Gregg as a real estate agent. Like most people who work long hours in everyday jobs, they soon discovered that work hours left little time for their relationship.

..and that was not going to work for them.

So it was early on that Gregg and Debra realized that the life they wanted to share with each other skewed towards the simple and beautiful. They knew that they wanted a life full of low stress experiences…a life that valued sunsets and raindrops more than high-pressure corporate gain.

Debra, always the decisive one, quit the job that was making her miserable. Gregg, with his slow and steady thinking, had a longer process to ending the regular work cycle and continued on to grow his firm into specializing in land development and commercial real estate management. He also spent countless hours in recording studios as a record producer.

However, as time passed…marriage, two children, growing through three homes, the stress of life and expenses, and all things ‘expected’ by society FURTHER reinforced their initial instinct that there must be more to life.

A more simple, beautiful, and authentic way to live…and ultimately, to experience life, had to be possible.

On long walks through countless parks in front of a million sunsets, they discussed with each other their perspective that life is so much more than the accumulation of money and stuff.

“Suppose,” they asked, “the focus was on the accumulation of fun, of amazing experiences, of beautiful memories?”

Around the same time, Gregg recalled, that on a real estate showing with a wealthy client searching for his next acquisition, the client said to him:

Show me a millionaire and I will show you a frustrated billionaire.”

Gregg thought to himself: 

That sounds a lot like regret. Like lots of money, yet unfulfilled soul-ambition…full pockets but something important and intangible still missing…”

Gregg and Debra had realized, after all of those walks full of thought and discussion…that while many of people seem to regret life after becoming ‘millionaires’, nobody ever regrets life after becoming a ‘FUNIONAIRE!’

In other words, no one ever regrets becoming RICH in EXPERIENCES and GOOD TIMES! 

So they asked themselves, “How would the world look if we all became funionaires? How would it look if we all focused more on the simple, fun, and beautiful side of life?”

“Suppose,” they mused, “we all saw the world in a way that even the mundane and ordinary took on a new perspective that gave us joy?”

Gregg and Debra committed to the journey of exploring and revealing their thoughts through this blog and book.

They want to tell the story of an amazing way to see the world and live your life; a way to practice the timeless truth that if you change your focus…to seeing and living a life of BEAUTY…you can and WILL change your life.