Another Shade of Perfect

A life that is experienced as being rich in peace and happiness is really just experienced that way because of the perspective you have. You can either CHOOSE to be happy at a particular moment…or choose not to be. The power of choice is entirely yours, therefore the power to determine how you look at things is also yours.

In your mind, you may think that if you were to substitute something, someone, or someplace, for your current circumstance, that your life could be better or happier. But if you really give it some thought, it is just your perspective – the way you are choosing to look at your current situation –  that is stopping you from appreciating the perfection in your actual moment.

One of the keys to experiencing the bliss, joy, and fulfilment that each moment holds for you, is to develop the skill to see the moment as perfect for you right now. To understand and accept in your heart that whatever the moment is – that moment exists for a beautiful reason.

So, to wish for a different experience right now is to deny yourself the beautiful experience in front of you that is waiting for you to recognise it.

An important life habit to form is to celebrate each moment, each achievement, each view on the horizon for its perfection. To train your eyes to see the beauty in front of you that is waiting to be discovered.

  • Every sunrise is as special as every raindrop.
  • The privilege to be stuck in traffic means you are fortunate enough to own a car.
  • And, if you are burdened with a school run, it means you are blessed with having children in your care.

When you celebrate the reason why you are where you are, and why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, then that moment that you are seeing, feeling, tasting, or hearing will take on a whole new and meaningful value.

In truth, what you will begin to realise is that all experiences are just another shade of perfect. Things could be different but that does not mean they will be better.

Now, we all recognise that there are times in each of our lives that are extremely difficult and sometimes painful. Divorce, death, abuse, abandonment, unmet expectations are all challenging life experiences that require a particularly strong and healthy perspective in order to apply the best thinking as you make your way through them.  None of these are to be taken lightly and will prove to be the most difficult of times.

The questions to ask yourself during these trials are:

  • Why is this happening?
  • What can I learn because of this?
  • How has this experience made me better…stronger?
  • What can I teach others, perhaps my children, as a result of this life lesson?
  • How will my life be better now that I know what I know?

The point is, it’s HOW you look at what you are going through that frames how you EXPERIENCE what you are going through.

Difficult times should be viewed from the perspective of holding life’s most valuable lessons

Hold on to that view. Grasp your lesson as you plough through the experience.  Ponder and reflect on what you have learned. In doing so, you will discover an extraordinary piece of wisdom that was needed by you…even if you had no idea that you needed to learn it. Something rare and perfect and designed just for you will reveal itself.

And then, as time passes, and the difficult moments give way to the easier ones, you will gain further wisdom to see everything in the healthy light that comes only with experience. You will find the ability to be thankful for EVERYTHING that crosses your path because you know that they all serve a beautiful purpose.

One cannot appreciate sweet until the taste of bitter has been experienced.

Everything is perfect in its own way for its own reason.


Excerpt from the forthcoming book: Funionaire – Change Your Focus, Change Your Life