If you are stuck with the mindset of being a loser, there will never be enough reassurance that someone else can provide that will get you to overcome your fears. You have to train your mind to recognise that the reason you feel that inner fear, and that need for reassurance, is because what you are thinking about, the vision that you are seeing…that thing that you are on the verge of attempting…is rare and valuable.  

The mere fact that those specific fears and doubts present themselves at that moment suggests that you may be onto something special in your life!

When you feel an inner gut tingle, a sleepless night full of tossing and turning that sends you looking for someone else to tell you not to worry about it…well, it is YOU who has to muster the strength to coach yourself into overcoming that fear.  

You must recognise that fear and doubt for what it is…the recognition that you are at a ‘Crossroads’

Your inner eye knows that you are at the juncture of two paths:

  • One that takes you towards the safe and familiar…the path that most others are also on.  
  • Then there is the other direction which is quite different, and there may be no compass that can guide you along the way.  It is the path that you must forge for yourself. The road that is loosely sketched, but has never been developed. It is the one that is waiting for you to forge your way through, that others may come behind and open wider…then pave, but for now, is hidden under thickets of obscurity waiting for you to discover.  

Only you see it…and your gut feels the fear of commitment.  

But, the simple truth is that the fact that you DO see this path is remarkably special. It means that this path is meant for you!

This is the crossroads. It is the moment of choice that may most profoundly determine the rest of your future!  


Excerpt from the forthcoming book “Funionaire: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life”