In All Things Be a Child

Have you ever noticed the uncanny ability of children to find adventure and fun in everything? The way a child can enter a room, walk a path, glance into the distance, and always seem to find the thing that will bring them the most joy and fun. Their heart is naturally drawn to the elements of their environment that will bring a smile!

Even if you, as an adult, don’t see the fun elements they see, their spirit still somehow finds the things that makes the moment special and enjoyable to them.

I truly believe that growing older, while certainly a physical process, is even more so both a mental and spiritual process.

The key to unlocking the beauty of the funionaire life is to stay a child always and in all things.

It’s learning how to always see the world in such a light, that your spirit is able to find good and feel joy in simple things the way a child does.

Now, this does not mean that we lose the benefits of wisdom and experience that certainly comes to us with time. It only means that we lead with our child-like enthusiasm:

  • that laughter
  • that smile
  • that pep-in-our-step

…while the old wise, sage and confident voice of our experience gently steers the path.

By adopting this habit, this habit of always being our inner child, we gain all the benefits that come with age, while never losing the beauty and enjoyment of seeing and living life the way a child does.

Excerpt from the forthcoming book: Funionaire: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life