It’s a Really Big World

…and a Really Small One!

Lucky You!

The world has changed, and it has changed in incredibly profound ways. At this time in history, we are seeing the first generation that has a world that is so wired and connected that anyone, anywhere on planet earth, or even orbiting planet earth, can communicate with anyone else in an instant.

Think about that.

ANYONE! ANYWHERE! No matter HOW FAR!…Instantly!

For countless thousands of years, the only thing that humans had to concern ourselves with were threats and opportunities at our immediate doorstep. Pre-history humans, up through recent times, only had our five senses to inform us of what was happening in the world.  Our world was limited to our immediate surroundings or the tales of some weary traveller who was brave enough to venture beyond the horizon.

Yes, it is true that humans meandered and eventually ended up having a presence on every corner of the world, but archaeological science and ancient literature tells us that population expansion out of Africa happened very slowly, in broken waves, over tens of thousands of years.

In fact, it was so slow that we humans even forgot that we did it!  

When Columbus lost his way on the high seas and eventually came across the Bahama Islands thousands of miles away, he had no idea who the people there were….nor they him!  Humans had forgotten that some amongst us roamed far and wide and settled on distant shores.  

They had no way of knowing!

There was no mechanism to efficiently get information to and fro. No global record keeping. No internet. No, WhatsApp and chat messaging.

Facebook was not in the cards yet.

Television?  Nah…

This generation…..OUR generation has a profound opportunity that has never existed before. Lucky you!  Lucky Us!

We also face a bit of a quandary

All of this change has happened so quickly that the reality of the opportunity is at odds with a society that levies expectations that are stuck in the past. The world is very different, but society has not yet caught up with the difference.  And our generation has gotten hit with the mixed signals that come out of this confusion.

  • Get a REAL job!  9-5!  Go to church EVERY Sunday or else!  
  • Buy a house and settle down!  
  • Raise a family….2.2 kids and a dog!
  • You have not bought your first car yet?? (uhhmm, Uber?)  
  • You have a dream and want to travel for a while?  Are you mad?
  • What do you mean you are not going to college?…What is wrong with you?  

Lol, You get the point. In fact, I bet you have heard all or some of these!

The truth is You ARE the point.

This blog and forthcoming book are about you…and for you….because you are in a generational crossfire!

It’s about, and for, your generation. It is a guide to help you to see the world as it is, and how to think through the complex problems and opportunities that exist right now, without the type of judgement that is rooted in old-world thinking.

We call the lifestyle that we outline “Funionaire.”  A simple word that describes a lot.  

It is how we live…a lifestyle that prioritises experiences over stuff, collects memories, not money.

Yes, we make money, in fact, over the years we have made quite a bit.  But we do not work for money.  It is the experiences that we gather along the way that matter most. The perspective that WHAT we do with our life, is more important than the stuff we gather in our life.

Yes, we live in a very different world. Now, more than ever, we can have it all…or as close to having it all as has ever been possible.

But it can not happen with the old societal ways of thinking that are rooted in thousands of years of past human realities. It can only happen with a new way of thinking that embraces the world as it is…and as it is going to be.

To do that, you must change your thinking. If you change your focus, you will change your life. This blog will show you how.

It is like a personal life coach.  A reference to keep you thinking smartly about your life and your opportunities today.

“An opportunity is not JUST what is in front of you.  It is how you PERCEIVE what is in front of you…your perspective.”

This blog and the forthcoming book will help to frame your perspective, and thus you will see opportunity everywhere, and you will live the life that you were intended to live, the life that nobody but you can see because it is designed and intended for you alone.
It’s your day, your life. take control and take action.


Excerpt from the forthcoming book “Funionaire: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life”