The Estate Sale, When Everything You Own Becomes Garbage


The man was obviously a military guy. Plaques and photos, awards and medals were everywhere on display.

The shoulder to shoulder bustle that flicked and tripped through the old photos, and flippantly tossed around the odd collection of books (books that ranged from Limbaugh to the Bible) showed little interest and sometimes only offered a deriding chuckle.

Ronald and Nancy had personally signed something for him in the mid-80’s.  You could tell the items were genuine by the unique way Nancy wrote some of the letters in her signature.

Nobody cared.

The crystal wine glasses with tiny chips from a lifetime of toasting all things good sat waiting for a buyer.

Some lady in the distance was leaning into a man and asking, “How much can I really get this for…you honestly don’t expect me to pay that price right?”

A  lifetime of careful collection was on display for a herd of humanity that really did not care.  They did not care that this stuff represented everything material that a traveling soul

gathered and collected, polished, held and treasured.

Absent their owner, this stuff no longer had value…at least nothing real to speak of.  No value beyond the whimsical curiosity of, “I wonder why he ever bought that?”

So in the end, unimpressed strangers gathered around in loose groups and talked cavalierly to each other about his stuff.

But no one talked about him.

None of the dozens of gathered strangers spoke his name or told a story that sung of his life. No one, at that moment, cared about him.

And this can end up happening to you too.


This, sadly, can be your story too if you don’t decide to write your life in your own words.

One day, nobody will care about all of the trinkets that you carefully curate, insure, and keep behind bolted doors.  Nobody will care that you went deeper into debt than even your closest partner in life knew, to splurge on a momentary shot of “this makes me feel good right now!”  You struggled to pay for it, but no one will care how much you sacrificed.

Because the ultimate value of your life has never and will never be about what you end up owning.

The old quote that goes,

“The one who dies with the most toys wins” is a lie.

The focus of your life should never be on the collection of stuff, it should be on the collection of experiences!  

You should live your life so that you end your days with a basket full of rich and extraordinary life experiences overflowing from your inner bank of memories.  The stories that you should be able to tell, and the ones others should tell of you should be epic, and describe an extraordinary life that was fully lived.

You should be able to look back into a savings of countless beautiful memories and be able to withdraw a million smiles from them.  

“The bank of your memories will never go empty”.  

How you live your life today and tomorrow and forever is the savings of memories that you deposit!  It is the making of the funionaire in you!  The writing of your beautiful story.  The telling of your tale.

All it takes to transition from a life of collecting meaningless trinkets, to a life of experiencing and depositing an abundance of amazing experiences, is a change in what you choose to focus on.  

And with that change of focus, you will transform your life from dull and ordinary to exceptional, meaningful, and memorable!

Excerpt from the forthcoming book: Funionaire: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life