The Garden

A Pretty Metaphor For Your Life

Telling stories of a beautiful, metaphorical garden to describe the promise of us living amongst beauty, hope, and abundance has been a part of human literature from the earliest writings and texts found in ancient lands. The most notable writing on this subject is the well-known bible segment that, across various translations, describes what is called ‘The Garden of Eden’.

Even though most of us know the story, if I were to be allowed some liberty, a pretty children’s version of it may go something like this:

…then, God made green grass to cover the land.

He made all kinds of small plants, bushes and trees.

God later made fish to swim in the water and birds to fly in the sky. He then made big animals and small animals.

Finally, God made a very special place. This place was called The Garden of Eden and it was beautiful and perfect.

The last thing made was man.  ‘If I were to make man,’ thought God, ‘then man could enjoy the abundant beauty of all of this and also tend to this Garden.  Man could enjoy all of this in peace and tranquility for eternity….once he avoids the pitfalls of his own making.’

Ok, that’s close enough to get the gist of the story. The story has been popular throughout the ages because the underlying principle of seeing your environment as a Garden of limitless beauty and abundance draws us into a deeper meaning of why we are alive.

This strikes deeply into the most crucial perspective that guides the life of the Funionaire. The most important thing that we all can try to remember is that our environment…the space around us right now, is our garden…..and our relationships are also gardens!

In fact, the only way to enjoy life is to see our surroundings this way…as beautiful spaces and opportunities waiting for us to recognize them! Our Garden of Eden is not some far off imaginary metaphor. It is our current reality!  

The house we live in, the bed we sleep in, the car we drive, our partner, our children, our friends…everything!

“Look around you…

You are looking at your garden!”

Do you see it that way?  Are your eyes clear enough to allow you to? Do you understand that everything around you is but clay for you to form into the life you dream of?

Ultimately, it is the discipline and passion with which you water, fertilize, and nurture your personal garden that will determine the fruit and abundance that your garden yields to you! This in turn will determine how rewarding your life becomes.

  • Relationships flourish when seeded with love and attention.  
  • Kind words beget kind words.  
  • A gentle touch is rewarded with a gentle touch in return.  
  • The stroke of a paintbrush on tired, aged walls can transform a sad, dull, and faded space into bright sunshine brimming with energy and new life!

How you experience your reality is all up to you and what you want to see thrive in your garden! There are no short-cuts around these truths.  The catch is that these principles require effort on your part.  Yup, a little work…just like tending to a garden would. But it is so worth it because you will yield from your garden what you sow into it…

Now, on the other side of the coin

Equally important to the beautiful stuff that you water and fertilize in your life, is the reality that there are things that you must also weed out of your garden!

“Weeding the garden of your life is akin to avoiding the pitfalls and traps of Eden”

So, to the point; here are a few things that disrupt the beauty of your garden:

  • Toxic people are like weeds amongst a field of roses! They are dangerous, hurtful, spiteful, deceitful and will strangle all of the beauty that you cherish. Keep it moving…lol
  • Clutter disrupts the beauty of the natural order.  Why allow it? You will trip and fall and spend all of your time trying to make your way around the disorder.  Allowing clutter in your life hurts your goal of having a pleasant flow to your days and hinders you from seeing your world the way it was intended to be experienced.  Tidy up, get rid of clutter!
  • Loud aggressive sounds drown out the simple, unique, sweet harmony of nature.  Ugly tone of voice, overly loud volume of television and music, constant yelling and screaming have no place in your garden of beauty.  For sure, have a party and have a great time!  But understand and take control of the underlying soundtrack of your everyday.  Allow some peace and quiet too!

The bottom line is, you have the power and ability to weed these ugly growths out of your world in order to cultivate and protect the wonders that you want to thrive.   In fact, doing this is your responsibility, because, after all it’s your garden…and your life, so choose to nurture and grow the most beautiful version of it!  What will follow will be a life rich in fun and beauty!

Excerpt from the forthcoming book: Funionaire: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life!